Jon Card talking about The Hero's Story and Star Wars at book launch

Book Launch: How to Make Your Company Famous

Jon Card at the book launch of How to Make Your Company Famous

“Every entrepreneur needs to be able to tell their company’s story. It’s an essential skill which enables you to get press, pitch for investment and win new business,” was my message for a packed room of people in Brighton.

The launch of my book, 'How to Make Your Company Famous', took place on February 20th at the Platf9rm offices in the city centre.

As well as building awareness for my book, I was also keen to help the 70+ people in attendance gain a better understanding of how the press and media works.

My main message to this audience?

Journalists are storytellers. If you want press and publicity, you need to learn how to be a storyteller. All of the world's most famous entrepreneurs - Branson, Roddick, Jobs - are all great storytellers, too.

Also speaking at the event was veteran Fleet St photographer Andrew Hasson.

How to Make Your Company Famous was designed by Meg Fenn of Worthing-based Shake It Up Creative and is available on Amazon now - you can buy it here.