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How to build a kick-ass podcast for your business

Podcasts have been around for well over a decade but are now rapidly growing in popularity on account of their quality, portability and ability to fill ‘dead time’. The number of people regularly listening to podcasts is skyrocketing; with weekly listeners more than doubling in the past five years. What’s more, podcast listeners are typically

Journalist requests: Five steps to success

Guardian business journalist Jon Card has been making journalist requests for many years, for articles which ended up being published by national titles in The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Times. In this downloadable PDF, Jon explains how platforms such as Response Source, JournoLink and HARO work, as well as the Twitter hashtag #journorequest, and reveals five simple

Five templates for emailing journalists

We often hear from people who want to know exactly what to say when they email journalists. What kind of information do journalists want? Should I be chatty or formal, offer lots of description or get straight to the point? To answer these questions and more, we’ve used our 30 years of combined media experience

Know your audience & THEY will make you famous

When you get to know your audience; who they are, how they think and what they really want, you can’t help but start to take their perspective. And perspective-taking can be powerful. Social psychologist Adam Galinsky says: “When I take your perspective, and I think about what YOU really want, you’re much me likely to

Must-have content marketing tools for 2018

Everyone knows that content is king. We love content because we know it can also be the key to gaining excellent coverage from the press. The good news is, savvy companies have created a number of excellent tools to help people create audience-driven, press-worthy content. Let’s look at what some of the top tools do