We make entrepreneurs famous…so they can change the world

Full Story Media founders Jon Card and Corinne Card

Life is full of challenges. The people of the world have many needs that must be met, some of them very great indeed. If there’s one thing we have, it’s demand.

Now, more than ever, we need entrepreneurs to lead us through these hard times, provide answers and technologies that can fix our problems and bring about a better world.

Over the next decade, the success of humanity will depend on the ability of entrepreneurs to bring about these changes. Big corporations and governments are at a low ebb; they’ve lost the trust of the masses. But entrepreneurs can still be heroes, they can champion the causes of the masses.

We can’t fix climate change, cure cancer, or even create a brilliant app. However, we can help entrepreneurial businesses to tell powerful stories about themselves. The sorts of stories major broadcasters and publishers want to tell their audiences. The sorts of stories that people want to tell one another. The sorts of stories that can travel far and wide for long periods of time and, ultimately, change the world.

The hard part has been done. You’ve created a business, made a discovery, pioneered a technology and seen the chance to create a better world. But now, the world needs to know about it.

If you are a mission-led entrepreneur, find out how our Chief Storyteller Programme can put you in the spotlight and help you change the word.

This site is currently being rebuilt but if you want to learn more then email jon@fullstorymedia.co.uk and write the words ‘make my company famous’ into the subject line. We’ll be happy to help.