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Online or in person, answering questions on key topics including:

The role of a journalist and how businesses can best understand them

How to create a compelling story for your business

Resources companies need to launch a successful media campaign

Why some campaigns gain huge amounts of coverage while others fail

How to find the right journalist to contact

How and when to approach a journalist

What companies need to do to prepare for interaction with the press

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How to make your company famous

All the secrets that are fit to print

Jon Card at his book launch

Hear from a range of top business journalists including Emma Sheppard, freelance writer for The Guardian, BBC and WIRED and James Hurley, enterprise editor at The Times.

Learn the time-honoured storytelling techniques that Oscar-winning film directors, PR gurus, savvy business leaders and successful politicians use to capture the attention and imagination of audiences.

Delve into the media strategies used by world-famous entrepreneurs such as Sir Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Anita Roddick and
James Dyson.

Chief storyteller programme

  For ambitious CEOs, managing directors and company founders who want to power their enterprises through press and publicity.

 Your story will be written by national business journalist Jon Card

A full, professional photoshoot

A publication guarantee

Direct access to journalists

Hands-on support with both content creation and strategy

Storytelling mastery

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