Media consultancy services

Jon Card has worked as a media consultant since 2009 and is co-founder of Coverage Class, which offers support, ideas and content to small businesses and media agencies. Here, he describes how he began in this work.

“Shortly after I became a freelance journalist, I started to receive calls from PR agencies and small businesses, asking if I was able to work for them as a media consultant. Invariably, if I thought I could help and the money was right, it was rare for me to turn them down.

“But the title of ‘media consultant’ is not one which sits that comfortably with me, even if I might enjoy the kudos.

“It’s nice to be called an ‘expert’ and to receive a glorious introduction in a meeting room, but I don’t believe there are many genuine experts in media.

“I was fortunate enough to meet with Jon before going on the Clean and Cool mission to San Francisco to pitch our work at H2GO Power. His advice made me realise how I could highlight the value in my pitch within seconds – and it worked beautifully.” Enass Abo-Hamed, PhD, CEO, H2GO Power

“The media landscape has changed dramatically since I began working as a journalist in 2002. New technology has changed the game and continues to do so. Wherever you are in media – at a PR company, a national newspaper or publishing house – the world of media is a very different place to what it was at the start of the century.

“We should always be wary of anyone who describes themselves as a ‘media expert’. Everything is far too new for anyone to really have gained expertise.  In my experience, the smartest in the industry will refrain from such a description.

“However, it is important for those of us who work in the industry to meet and discuss the issues and challenges that we all face. Even if there are few experts, fresh thinking can lead to great things.

“Jon is an excellent media mentor. I saw first-hand how he was able to wade through difficult technical language and unearth the stories at the heart of the companies’ offerings. Many of the entrepreneurs have said how they really valued how Jon made himself available and the advice they got.” Will Hill, Creative Director, Long Run Works

“While so many things have changed, there remain fundamentals which I still believe hold true. People want clear and well defined stories which they can ‘share’ with their friends and colleagues. These stories should be well researched, contain checked facts and, ultimately, be true.

“Over the past few years, I’ve worked as both a journalist and media consultant on numerous interesting projects. It’s surprised me how much I’ve enjoyed working with companies, helping them to define their stories and describe them to potential clients and investors, and give them a better understanding how the media works.”

Media consultancy services:

  • Story development and interview training
  • Review of press materials and releases
  • Talks, Q&As and workshops
  • Content creation, copywriting
  • Strategies, advice and media planning

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