Freelance journalist for the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Times

Jon Card has worked as a freelance journalist since 2009 and specialises in business, enterprise, media and technology. He writes regularly for national newspapers including the Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Times.

Jon’s work for the Guardian has included coverage of major national events such as the EU referendum, Budget speeches and General Elections. He says: “Writing for the national press was always an ambition of mine when I was training to become a journalist over 15 years ago.

“To see my work published in titles such as the Guardian, Telegraph and The Times is very satisfying – these jobs have opened many doors for me. I’ve met many interesting and exciting people and my work has given me the opportunity to see major events unfold as they happen.”

Jon has interviewed hundreds of entrepreneurs about a wide range of subjects, including exporting, finance, sales, marketing, leadership and management. “I’ve been writing about entrepreneurs and business owners for over a decade. It’s always been fascinating to me to hear of the challenges they face and the way in which they are able to see opportunities which pass many others by.”

Jon is also passionate about new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, connected cars and renewable energy. “Technology has come on so far since I became a journalist – it’s altered the way all of us work – in fact I think that if any of us are doing our jobs the same way we were five years ago, the chances are is that we’re doing them the wrong way.”

As a freelance journalist working for the Telegraph, Jon has interviewed some of the world’s foremost business leaders and CEOs. “Working for The Telegraph has been a brilliant opportunity for me, enabling me to meet and interview some of the world’s foremost chief executive officers and business owners.

“I look forward to contacting more interviewees on their behalf and getting the chance to interview some of the world’s most influential people.”

Jon has also worked for numerous customer media, contract publishing businesses and B2B publications, such as John Brown Media, Brilliant Noise, Progressive Content and Sunday Publishing. Through these partnerships, he has written content for many major international brands and corporations, such as Barclays Bank, Grant Thornton, PWC, BT and Orange.

“Content is king and this is a message which is clearly being embraced by many of the world’s leading brands.  I enjoy some great relationships with customer media publishers and contract media companies, helping them to fulfil their briefs for clients.”

Jon has also written content for publications and business across Europe and the United States. “Media is now a global affair – you only need email or a mobile phone to conduct business.

“Increasingly publishers are thinking internationally when they are commissioning content and, as a result, as a freelance journalist I find my client-base is becoming increasingly international. I have worked with people in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco and across Europe.”

Prior to becoming a freelance journalist, Jon was deputy editor of Growing Business magazine. Jon was educated at the University of Sheffield where he studied modern history and politics.

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