About Us

Full Story Media is led by Jon Card and Corinne Card. With over 40 years’ media experience between us, we have written for every national newspaper in the UK, plus many other titles worldwide.

We are entrepreneurial, media savvy and believe in the power of storytelling.

We ensure our clients get the best advice. In fact, we insist on it. We are also completely transparent about our methods and tend to give away all of our knowledge.

Jon Card

Jon Card has written for every national newspaper in the country

Jon Card writes regularly for The Guardian, The Times and Daily Telegraph and is the author of How to Make Your Company Famous.

Jon is a public speaker and has delivered talks and workshops on business storytelling, media and press for entrepreneurial audiences. Jon has spoken at international venues in collaboration with renowned organisations such as Innovate UK, University College London and The Supper Club.

Jon has written for every national newspaper in the UK and has reverse engineered everything he knows about the press and media to give entrepreneurs the edge they need to succeed.

As a journalist, Jon interviewed many of the world’s foremost entrepreneurs. But there came a time when he realised it was time to start answering their questions, including: ‘How do I get my business noticed by the media?’, ‘What do I have to do to get ready for media coverage?’ and: ‘What’s the best way to contact journalists?’

Corinne Card

Corinne Card has placed stories in media across the world

Corinne Card worked as a national journalist before turning her skills to digital media. She was head of content and PR at award-winning agency atom42, boosting its profile before it was sold in a multi-million pound deal.

However, in 2017, Corinne recognised the value she and Jon could add to entrepreneurs when working alongside one another, and the pair decided to build their own business: Full Story Media.

Corinne is now the executor in chief at Full Story and regularly places clients on the Chief Storyteller Programme with prestigious interviews at national and international titles including BBC World News, ITV, CNN, Forbes, the i Paper, The Independent and The Guardian.

Corinne is also an accomplished public speaker, with appearances at a range of conferences including BrightonSEO, the world’s largest search conference.

How to Make Your Company Famous

In 2020, Jon published his first book, with the aim of helping entrepreneurs get started with the press: How to Make Your Company Famous.

Here, Jon lifts the lid on how the media selects stories for publication and how you, too, can get press and publicity for your business. You’ll hear from a range of top business journalists including Emma Sheppard, freelance writer for The Guardian, BBC and WIRED and James Hurley, enterprise editor at The Times.

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If you’d like to find out more about our work and how we can help you, get in touch at: jon@fullstorymedia.co.uk